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Below is an exploded view of a fusee English lever watch.                                 

As you can see there are many precision parts, some of these over time need more attention than others because of the hard work they do. The mainspring barrel, barrel arbor, and the fusee cone with internal clicks, tend to wear because of the continuous heavy sideways force applied to them from the mainspring, causing their pivot holes to wear off centre. Of course the fusee chain, and come to that all the other components suffer a fair degree of wear too.


So how do we try to minimise the ensuing wear ?

The simple answer is servicing and lubrication, just as you would do with any other mechanical devise.

No one would dream of leaving a car engine to run year in and year out without at least changing the oil. So it is with a watch that is in effect a tiny engine, every now and then it needs to be dismantled, cleaned, and appropriate oil and grease applied to the relative bearing points and wearing surfaces.

Even if a watch is just stored away in a case or drawer and rarely used, it should still be serviced from time to time to keep it in prime condition and not left to deteriorate.